ZEBRONICS Zeb Duke 101 Wireless Headphone with Mic Bluetooth Headset  (Blue, On the Ear)

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Wireless Headphones

You can enjoy your favourite tracks whenever you want with the ZEBRONICS ZEB DUKE 101 wireless headphones. Thanks to the travel-friendly design, these wireless headphones can accompany you on your trips and make sure that you have your music to keep you entertained.

Deep Bass

These wireless headphones deliver deep bass so that you can get an impressive sound experience whenever you want.

Foldable Ear Cups

The lightweight design and the foldable ear cups of these wireless headphones make it easily portable, enabling you to carry them while commuting or even on long trips. They feature a call function button and controls for media and volume adjustment. Moreover, with multiple connectivity options like a MicroSD slot, AUX cable, and an inbuilt FM radio, these wireless headphones allow you to select the tracks you want to listen to.

Voice Assistant Support

With voice assistant support for Android/iOS devices, these wireless headphones let you search tracks, control music, and even schedule appointments on your phone with a simple voice command.

Long Playback Time

These wireless headphones offer a playback time of up to 12 hours, so you can listen to music for hours on end and enjoy a truly wireless experience.

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